Friday, April 20, 2012

dxContent Map Runner Mini Module Design Contest

As Map Runner nears its official graduation from beta status, I'm holding a design contest to see what people can do with the mapping tools.  The rules are not complex - basically you're creating a very mini-module around a map you make with Map Runner.

Lots of ideas come to mind creature lairs, tombs, castle dungeons, city sewers and more.  So unleash your creativity and show me what you can do with Map Runner (and ultimately help make it better).

dxContent’s Map Runner Mini-Module Design contest rules

#1 - Create a user account.

#2 - Create a single map 14w x 12h (or smaller) map using dxContent’s Map Runner tools.

#3 - Detail your creation using the Pathfinder rules system in 3000 words or less.
  • Up to half of your word budget can be allocated to background, plot, environment notes, the other half must be allocated to detailing specific areas on the map.
  • Author your submission text in google docs
    • save on text budget by linking to creatures / spell descriptions, etc on
    • Include a screenshot of your map in the Google doc. No maps created outside of Map Runner are allowed, and the map should not be altered outside of Map Runner in any way.
  • Your submission text must be “PG-13”.
  • Your submission must not use copyrighted intellectual property.
  • You waive all copyrights to your submission and place it public domain.
 #4 - Before midnight May 13th 20th 2012 (due date extended!):
  1. Post a response to this blog post notifying me of your submission.  Be sure to state your dxContent account name.
  2. Share the google doc containing your submission with
 #5 - Contest submissions no longer accepted after midnight EST on May 20th 2012

Contest Judging

Judging will begin May 21st.  All submissions will be ranked on a 1 to 10 scale by a panel of contest judges in the following categories:
  1. Creative use of Map Runner
  2. Overall Originality
  3. Overall theme
  4. Conformance to Pathfinder Rules system
  5. Technical Writing / Organizational skills / formatting / layout
  6. Effective use of word budget / PG-13 content
In the event of a tie, the earliest submission wins.

The top three creations and honorable mentions will all be featured on and/or Not So Random Thoughts, (’s blog). In addition:

1st Place Prize
25 tiles based on your specs will be added to Map Runner*
2nd Place Prize
15 tiles based on your specs will be added to Map Runner*
3rd Place Prize
10 tiles based on your specs will be added to Map Runner*
Honorable mentions
1 tile based on your specs will be added to Map Runner.
*Alternately you can request a feature change/addition to Map runner
have a custom random generator built for you
Good luck and happy [Random RPG activity]!

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  1. To accommodate the judges, the contest end date has been extended to May 20th 2012!