Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it 2014 Already?

It seems like just yesterday it was New Years Eve.  We had a big rush of orders in December, and one HUGE order that consisted of 1000+ tiles.  We were so darn busy our one year anniversary of making 3D Dungeon Tiles came and went!

I have been busy making tiles to replenish inventory and get some of the newer products ready for production.  We've got some new equipment set up in the shop including a big belt sander (that I dropped on my thumb - oh that hurt!).  We also created molds for 3 new stone texture 1x4s.

I've got a set of new wood-plank style master models ready for mold making... tomorrow I pick up the necessary supplies to make it all happen. Soon you should see...
  • Wood texture 6x6
  • Wood texture 4x4
  • Wood texture 4x6
  • Right and Left wood texture boat prows
After that probably....
  • Wood texture 2x6 (2 variations)
  • Wood texture 2x2 (4 variations)
So those will all fit with the wood texture family like the 2x4:

 I've also got some products surprises in the works that I can't talk about yet.

On the Free DM tools side of things... we manged to get the Pathfinder Monster Database updated as well as adding a few more search filters.

So long for now!

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