Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Bug Squishing & The Cloud

I discovered and fixed a bug with saving to the cloud while working on the next generator. The bug details are boring, but I thought talking about how dxContent makes use of the cloud would be helpful.

Most of us use regularly use at least two "computers" - maybe a home desk top and a smart phone, or a laptop. Its also been my experience that lap tops are pretty much as common around the gaming table as dice (and now tablets too).

Well, one of the neat things about dxContent's Table Runner tool (the tool that lets you make your own generators) is that it can use both your browser's local storage (short term / temporary) and our web database to store your generators (long term / permanent).

Temporary local storage is great for incremental tweaks to generators you are building / developing. Its fast, efficient and you can close your browser, return to it and your work is still there (one goal is to make it an offline web page too - but that's another day). Its a great "sandbox" to rapidly edit your creation. When you're ready to permanently save, or need to switch computers you can save to the cloud. For example, I like to work mostly at my desktop. But once it gets late I enjoy propping up some pillows getting in bed and using my iPad to continue creating - and if i fall asleep no big deal. If I'm at the mall and the wife is still shopping, I can haul out the smart phone and continue creating.

At any point in your process, you can distribute your generator - you can embed it in web pages, stick in the dxContent generator library, and even link to it.

So, Ive tried to give my fellow DMs inspirational generator tools they can take and use anywhere.

Enjoy your next [FavoriteRPGs] game!

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