Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Generator & New Function

The fourth random generator has been created for This time its all about magic scrolls for the Pathfinder RPG game. This version of the generator includes all core spells (with a couple of purposeful exceptions), and I've left slots to plug in the expansions. The generator generates a random minor, medium or major scroll for a random class (wiz, sorc, cleric, druid, bard, paladin, ranger), lists the spell level, costs and caster level for each spell on the scroll, and if there are multiples spells on the scroll it will list the total value of the scroll. Lastly if there are any notes affecting the final cost of the spell, those are displayed as well.

I didn't cut any corners here - I wanted the costs to be accurate. My buddy John (Mr. two-time-silver-ennie-winner) who runs d20pfsrd and his crew have done such a great job of organizing that I was able to factor the "expensive spell components" costs into scrolls as well. So yeah, all those crushed up diamonds and rubies should be accounted for.

The other neat thing that came out of this is a brand new function that has been added to the dxContent generator language. The function is {D20PFSRDSpellLink~spellname}. Its a simple function to use and a handy tool for your generator building tool kit. Its only purpose in life is to convert a SRD spell name into a d20pfsrd HTML hyperlink. so you pass in "Cure Critical Wounds, Mass" and you get a hyperlink to the top of the Cure Critical Wounds page.

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