Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The first Month of dxContent.com

It has been over a month since dxContent went live, so I thought I'd take a moment to reflect. Well, that and my monitor died so my main box is idle at the moment.

On the plus side, I had over 1000 unique visitors come to dxContent.com in the first month. Eight twitter followers tapped into my tweets. The content library seems to have some popular generators in it that people are using. Several generators are hooked right into d20pfsrd.com. Also, I got some important feedback from a visitor that lead to needed fixes to the magic item generator.

On the down side, only one visitor has created an account, and nobody has created a custom generator. Not surprisingly, dxContent hasn't broken even yet. Someday, ad clicks by viewers will hopefully cover the hosting costs. Unfortunately, the google ads aren't always relevant to dxContent, and that's a big problem. Sure, I see game related ads, but I see a fair number of gasoline & diesel powered backup generator ads, and, unfortunately way too many cloth "table runner" ads (you know, that nice one-foot wide decorative thing your wife puts on the table that you unceremoniously use to sop up spilled Mountain Dew and/or toss into the corner to make room for important stuff like RPG dice, minis, laptops and rulebooks). Table Runner was the name I gave the builder tools - maybe that was a poor choice? I also found some behind the scenes work flow issues to sort out, and there are always interface improvement ideas I come up with daily as I play in my own sandbox. My choice in hosting companies has been mostly good, but for three weeks now they can't seem to get my web stats to update without manual intervention. It really makes me feel [random negative emotion].

I guess it feels like a mixed start. Some things went good, some didn't and some will come with time. It has only been a month after all so i guess I need to be patient.

The next person to create an account gets a heartfelt [random verbal token of gratitude]! (so much for patience)

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