Sunday, September 18, 2011

New function!

A new function was added to the script library called MakeForm~. (You did know there is a script library and help section for building your own generators right?) You can use the MakeForm~ function to create complex input forms with multiple text boxes, pick lists, radio buttons and instructions.

So far most of the generators that I've created don't require many options to run. For example, Pathfinder Magic Scrolls only require you to click the Minor, Medium or Major button. It's quick and easy, but I've been wanting to do more with some of the generators allowing for greater options - like class, level limit, etc. However the tools to date required a new screen for every input. For example, If you look at the City Block Generator you are presented with five or six screens in a row. That is not a "smooth" interface... its awkward. This new function is the first step in consolidating multiple options to a single screen.

I've changed the Pathfinder Starting ability score generator to make use of the MakeForm~ function.

There are a few improvements that I can immediately think of. First is allowing for input fields to be dependent on selected options. For example in a fictitious "origin generator" maybe you limit city choices by country choice.

I hope you [RandomSatisfaction] the new MakeForm~ function.

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