Monday, October 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Improvements

I recently made a few improvements to dxContent.

First, I've added an option so that text fields, picklists and radio buttons on the MakeForm~ function can remember the users previous settings. This means that when turned on (field-by-field capability) users don't have to keep re-selecting previous settings. I experienced this annoyance while testing the city block generator and most recently the latest dungeon map generator. The end result is that its now much quicker to generate variations from an "options" type screen. I haven't enabled this feature for the City block generator yet because of some issues it will cause, but it is working for the Beta Dungeon Map Generator.

Second, I fixed an issue on the generator pages. I've noticed that sometimes the generator isn't ready to go until after the google ads have finished their animations and such. If you clicked the generate button before the page was ready, you'd get an error message. There is now a simple "Loading... (please standby)" message that turns into the generator name once everything is ready to go.

Third, I continue to improve the random map generation functions. I've added a second "base shape" to the dungeon map (not to be confused with a tileset shape). A base shape is like a template floor plan, a starting configuration for the dungeon. The first shape was a random rectangular hallway, the second creates two long intersecting corridors.

Fourth, another improvement to the random map generation functions. Some of the early maps were filled with tiles pretty much for the entire map dimension. While this created some neat dungeons, I knew this had to be more flexible. So there are some new features showcased in the latest beta generator that allows you to set a simplicity level on a scale from 1 to 10. One extreme gives you a map filled with tiles and the other remains fairly true to the base floor plan. Here are some examples with increasing simplicity levels (1, 5, and 10)...

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