Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cloudy with a {Dice~1d100} chance of rain...

Waaaaay back in the way back days when I never missed an Issue of Dragon magazine and free time fell out of my pockets like lint, I remember getting excited about a random weather generation article. Up until that time my player's characters enjoyed an eternal paradise of sunny days and comfortable camping.

Demonic invasion of the dwarven mountain outpost? Warm and sunny.
Expedition deep into Dwagmar swamp? Warm and sunny.
Trek through the great Gemtaj desert? Warm and sunny.

Once I started using the article to change things up, everybody waited with baited breath at what new weather the tables would bring - after all, isn't the weather the default conversation topic? It affected the mood of the campaign in a good way, and kept me as a DM from following the the same old "warm and sunny" rut.

This generator really gets at the core of what I want dxContent to be - a tool box of generators that help the overworked DM keep things fresh without adding a burden of overhead. My friend John, creator of, requested this generator and I was happy to take it on.

It makes use of the new MakeForm~ function for a fairly simple option screen and the rest is pure content glory. I can't take any credit for the original generator tables, the Paizo wizards did that, but I've taken the sting of rolling all the details out of using it.

So check it out in the dxContent library here or on

Stay [RandomColdWeatherAdjective]!

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