Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing: Judge Shawn

It's Friday and you know what that means... time to introduce another judge for the dxContent mini map/module contest.  Its not to late to enter the contest - there are 10 days left!  Check out the rules and make your maps.  The contest ends midnight May 20th, 2012!

Today we meet Shawn.  He looks like a Jedi to me which is ironic because he is currently running a popular Star Wars campaign.  I'm always impressed with Shawn's "immersion" in role playing his characters - I can only assume that translates to his DMing style.  His player notes are often more detailed than the GM's! - One of these days I'll do a series of blogs comparing and contrasting DM notes... I hear from the Bothans that Shawn's notes are pretty detailed...

dxContent: As a game master and/or player, what level of importance do you place on maps and why?

Shawn: Maps are pretty important to me as a GM.  I don't often use modules, but when I do it's important for the maps to be grid-based.  I use minis, so transferring encounters from modules to the table is made much easier by a high quality map.  The worst maps I've seen were in Necromancer Games' Rappan Athuk modules.  Those modules were so epic, but the maps absolutely sucked.  When I write my own adventures, I spend time on the maps to make setting up encounters easier.

As a player, it makes a huge difference to my enjoyment of a session to have a battle mat.  I don't often see a GM's maps when playing, so the battle mats are the main thing.

dxContent: How many years have you played RPG games?

Shawn: 32

dxContent: How many years have you played 3.5 / Pathfinder?

Shawn: Since it came out.

dxContent: Minis are a "must" for your style of RPG play - Yes or No?

Shawn: Yes!

dxContent: Your game master notes (or player notes if you don't gm) are best described as...?

Shawn: My GM notes are very extensive and detailed.  I also take pretty thorough player notes.

dxContent: Do you prefer ready-made modules or home-spun material or a mix?

Shawn: Home-spun.

dxContent: As a gm (or player if you don’t GM) do you prefer published campaign settings or home-grown settings?

Shawn: Home grown.

dxContent: Favorite role to play in a RPG (stealth, magic, melee-master, etc)?

Shawn: Magic. 

dxContent: Would you rather play, game master or do both?

Shawn: Both! 

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