Thursday, December 27, 2012

Custom Dungeon Tile Service

What is a custom dungeon tile service, and why are you going to love it?

If you don't know, "Dungeon Tiles" are handy pre-printed cardboard pieces you can lay down on your game table. They can be mixed and matched to map out the environment for your players, facilitate combat with miniatures and aid "immersion" into the game.

The off-the-shelf tiles are popular tools for quickly mapping out dungeons. They are mass-produced which makes them inexpensive (a good thing) but the trade off is flexibility and customization. Since off-the-shelf dungeon tiles mostly come in standard shapes and sizes it takes extra time to construct odd shaped or special rooms and you may have less than satisfactory results (overlapping tiles, lack of exact diagonal or round sections, etc).

This is where the dxContent custom dungeon tile service comes into play. I'll make your custom / odd shaped special dungeon tile pieces exactly to specifications to supplement your mass-produced collection.

  • It's great for "Boss" rooms... now you can lay down your standard mass produced 10' x 40' hallways and easily connect them with your custom Goblin throne room (with 20' wide doorway, earthy rear section, twin flanking alcoves with 10' x 10' slave pen in the middle).
  • It's great for those player "hangouts" that characters regularly find themselves in... like the local tavern, the leader's Inn room, or the Baron's library.
  • Maybe you make your own tile set graphics (or purchased some) but lack the time or precision tools to turn them into durable tiles - I can do that for you.
  • It's also great for the discriminating DM that absolutely MUST have a complete tile set of <insert a rare environment that is too uncommon to mass produce>.
Lets talk about the tiles.

  • Your custom tiles are precision cut by a machine to exact dimensions. You can use the quote request visualization tools to rough out the shape, and I'll make the refinements you request. Most mass produced tiles have straight edges, but you can have non-linear to represent cave walls if you like.
  • I make the tiles 1/8" thick providing a nice weighty feel (I can make them thinner if you need to match an existing tile set).
  • I make custom graphics at 300dpi, and you can choose from the growing library of textures or I'll create them special for your tile set needs. I work as a 3D modler and texture artist for a video game company so I have real world experience creating and generating themed textures.
Well, I hope that helps you see the value in a custom dungeon tile service.