Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Diagonal & Round Tiles

We've recently added a slew of new dxContent 3D Dungeon tiles to the store.  And with all the tiles available to date you should be able to approximate most typical and drawn dungeons... Here's one I just linked to off the internet (credit to Tim Hartin / Paratime - creative commons license)...

Some of the larger circle rooms are 5" radius... our largest radius is currently is 4" but you can easily slip in some 1x2s between the four quads and it would be close enough.  And with the new diagonals, we've got those angles taken care of now as well.

Below I've put up a random collection of images showing the new pieces in action.

Where can you get them?
From the store!  You can purchase them in kits:
  • There is a diagonal kit - 1 of each size... 2", 3" and 4" edges -  $2.20
  • And the quarter round kit - 1 of each size... 2", 3" and 4" radius - $4.35
If you like to mix and match and get your pieces individually... you can order them from the


A pair of 3" radius quarter rounds.

A pair of 4" radius quarter rounds.

A pair of 2" radius serves as a bend in a corridor.

An odd shaped room using two 3" radius and one 4" radius quarter round tiles

Now we are getting fancy by adding an alcove to a room and a curved stage/dais.

Another odd shaped round room.

Corner stairs?

A pair of 2" edge diagonals make a hallway.

A pair of 2" diagonals chisel off a room and a pair of 2" radius quarter rounds crate a dais.

I pictured a chasm between to flared hallways....

Just getting creative and demonstrating how you can branch off a diagonal.

The Diagonal Tile kit.

The Quarter Round Tile kit.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quarter round tiles available!

I've added some new tiles to the 3D Dungeon Tile line 2", 3" and 4" radius quarter round tiles.  You can really add some variety to your dungeons with quarter round tiles.  Check out some of these quick shots of what you can do...

A pair of 3" Quarter rounds

A pair of 4" Quarter rounds

A 2" Quarter Round - great for a bend in a hallway

Spiffy room configuration

Round balcony / alcove and round dais

Another easy to make room shape

Stack 'em for round stairs or a zigurat!